Glastonbury Festival Podcast


Today was the first of my “Festival Fridays” on Phoenix FM and we kicked off with the Mecca of the music industry, the holy grail of great music and the biggest party on earth – Glastonbury Festival. This was a special show paying homage to the legendary headliners of Glastonbury over the years.

If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about then this special edition of my podcast will get you up to speed on the last 48 years in 48 minutes.

Amidst the all star playlist is the story of Glastonbury Festival told through the anecdotes and fables that surround it. Oh and there’s some rather shocking toilet roll statistics too! I had the most fun I’ve ever had on radio so pull up a hay bale, grab yourself a cider and join me for our very first virtual festival!


What’s Occurring?

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Last time I wrote to you I was the fresh-faced newbie on your radio. Now, I’m still a newbie – probably less fresh but not quite “stale” yet. Sort of like a banana… I’ve passed the early stage where it’s a bit too soon to enjoy it and now I’m softening up, developing my own flavour. Also, I’m part of the “bunch”, bruise easily and you can’t leave me out in the sun. Alright, I’m out of comparisons now but you get the idea!

I’ve racked up over 50 hours of airtime as a presenter on Phoenix FM with my One2Three show on Friday afternoons, The As Yet Untitled Rock Show every Tuesday night, a whole week of DriveTime cover and a couple of spots covering Brunch. If you haven’t tuned in yet then don’t worry, you’ve missed all the rubbish bits and I’ve really got the hang of it now! If you check out my radio page you’ll find all the details of where/when/how to listen, you can join me for the live show or catch up on the “best bits” in my podcast. So far we’ve covered all sorts; debunked myths, built a remote control for life, solved the world’s environmental issues, assembled a celebrity cabinet and hosted the One Hit Wonder World Cup (Chesney Hawkes for LIFE!) all mixed in with great music and some extremely subtle/obvious post-news trolling.

It’s going to be a busy summer as part of a small team of presenters reporting from Standon Calling and Latitude Festival – I’ll be interviewing a whole host of musicians and comedians and you’ll hear them all on my radio blog. Of course, I’ll also upload some highlights to my podcast when I’ve finished enjoying the festivities and rocking my wellies off!

In other news, I’ve joined the team at Amused Moose Comedy so you’ll see my name at the bottom of their emails and my face is a regular in Soho. It’s great to be a part of where my comedy journey began and doing this means I get to meet and work with new comedians trying standup for the first time as well as some of the best on the circuit. Plus I’ve added Mark Dolan to my list of comedy connections!

My standup comedy routine has had a load of updates and I’m starting to piece together a story arc to tie in all my short “bits”. I’ve also been working with Lee Nelson‘s co-writer/producer and I’m hoping to get another video clip out this summer. 

As always, it’d be great to see you at one of my gigs and I’d love for you to join me for some quality chat and tunes on the radio. I’m also on the lookout for interesting guests so if there’s anything you, or someone you know, would like to share or promote then do get in touch. 

Stay cool, stay classy and stay dry!

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I’ve been a presenter on Phoenix FM for a month now, presenting One2Three every Friday afternoon. Some of you have been in touch with encouragement and a few of you have even got involved in the show. It has been fantastic having you with me on this new adventure into the world of radio and now it’s going to be a podcast too.

After every show, I’ve been putting together a clip of the “best bits” and I’m delighted that from now on this will be available to download as a podcast. There’ll be a new episode every week and you can find it by searching my name wherever you get your podcasts. I’m officially available “on demand” at any time of day!

To make it as easy as possible, I’ve included links below to my show on each of the most popular podcast services.

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If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, rate and review as it would be a huge help in boosting my ratings!

You can get in touch about the show or podcast via social media or email to get involved.

If you enjoy the “best bits” then you’d love the whole show! You can listen online, download the Phoenix FM app or tune in to 98FM in Essex, every Friday from 1pm-3pm.

Coming soon to a radio near you…


Back in February, I was lucky enough to have a friend in radio and popped into the Phoenix FM studios to chat with Gareth Williams on his Sunday morning breakfast show. I had a great time chatting about comedy, picking some songs and lots of lovely people got in touch to say that they enjoyed the show.

Since then, I’ve been working with the stars of Phoenix FM a little closer and even had the chance to come back to the studio for a few days. I spent some time alongside Michelle Ward, Bob Simpson, Chris Stagg and Mike Jones learning how a radio show is put together, got back behind the mic for a chat and I even had a bash at “co-hosting” Drive with Ian Leigh!

Getting to know some of the people at Phoenix FM has been great and learning the art of radio has been seriously cool. But – here’s the best bit – I’m massively excited to be JOINING THE TEAM AS A PRESENTER!

I don’t have a regular slot yet but I’m on the subs bench and covering for the first time on Friday 29th March. I’ll be in the hot seat from 1pm-3pm and you can listen online, download the Phoenix FM app or tune in to 98FM in Essex. If you’re listening, you can contact me via social media in all the usual ways and maybe you’ll get a mention!

I hope you can join me for my first radio rodeo and with any luck, I’ll be able to tell you more about a permanent fixture in the schedule soon. Keep your ears to the ground… or perhaps pointing them in the general direction of the radio might be a better plan.

Over and out.


P.S. I’ll be adding a “Radio page” to my website where you can quickly find all the links to my latest radio-related stuff – currently under construction!

Same Guy, New Video


Exactly two months ago I posted a YouTube video of me doing my first EVER stand up comedy gig. I thought it went pretty well and to celebrate, I thought I’d share another one.

Since December, I’ve been steadily building up my stage time and crafting new material while the video casually reached over 250 people!

Now, with perfect timing to coincide with Singles Awareness Day / National Singles Day here’s a topical clip for all those still single, all those just single and all those who used to be single – me talking dating apps and date food at one of London’s best comedy clubs, Angel Comedy.

Check out my YouTube Channel – watch, like, subscribe, share and enjoy.

Also, a quick shoutout to everyone who has managed to come and see me doing a live set, your support is awesome – from laughs to drinks to sofas and breakfast!

I look forward to seeing some more of you soon, head to my gig list for upcoming dates.

So You Think You’re Funny?


In the world of stand up comedy, competitions are a pretty good way to make waves beyond the circuit and move on up the rocky road to fame and glory.

One of the most famous is “So You Think You’re Funny?” with comedians like Peter Kay, Lee Mack, Miles Jupp, Aisling Bea and Tom Allen amongst some of the previous winners. I’m buzzing to have just spoken to the producer (can’t believe I’m writing these words) and booked my place in this year’s competition!

It’ll be my biggest gig yet, performing/competing on 13th June* at Backyard Comedy Club where all the big names are a frequent face. If you’re up for a laugh then I’d love for you to came along and your support certainly won’t go unnoticed.

I’ll post more details RE tickets nearer the time but save the date… things just got real!

*date updated since original post… well done for noticing, I didn’t think anybody was reading this!

Radio Ga Ga


Apparently some people wake up early on Sundays and there are even breakfast radio shows to entertain those crazy people. If you’re one of them – I’m impressed. I’d be even more impressed if you’re not normally up but gave it a go just this weekend because I’m GOING TO BE ON THE RADIO!

I’m very excited to be popping into the Phoenix FM studio and joining the legendary Gareth Williams on his Sunday morning breakfast show this weekend. They’ve even let me choose some songs to soundtrack your breakfast and, naturally, I’ve picked some scorchers!

Gareth will be setting the scene/waking the nation from 7am, I’ll be rocking up at a more sensible time and we’ll be shooting the breeze from 9am. You can tune in by downloading the Phoenix FM app, listen online or on 98FM local radio in Essex/East London. It’s easy like a Sunday morning… literally.

I hope you can join us and enjoy the show!


How’s he doing?


Well, I’m pleased to say that things are getting pretty real over here at Stew HQ.

This month I’ve been exploring the underbelly of London’s open-mic comedy circuit, figuring out who’s who and how to land a spot on the bill at London’s best gigs.

I’ve managed to rack up nearly an hour of stage time with 8 gigs already – a massive thank you to those of you who managed to get yourself along to witness the fitness and enjoy some free live comedy!

I performed in my first competition and then entered two more but it’s not about winning, so you won’t be too upset that I didn’t progress to the next stage in my first two. However, rest assured that if I do land a spot in the “So You Think You’re Funny?” heats, that I’m still in the race for, I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops! Stay tuned.

I’ve added February’s dates to a new page on the website called “gig list” which I’ll be able to keep updated more regularly. Check often to make sure you don’t miss one that’s near you and don’t forget to reach out and let me know if you’re coming along – it’s a great help!

Oh yeah – and I’m going to be on the radio. Will update with more details VERY soon but dust off the wireless and prepare to tune-in!

Peace, love and understanding etc


Gig List – January 2019


As January marks the beginning of a new year, I’m about to embark on the beginning of a new phase in my stand-up comedy adventure and I’d love for you to join me…

For those of you not familiar with how things work at the grassroots level of comedy, here’s the thing… as a new act I’m aiming to gig pretty much everywhere and build a rapport with the venue and their promotors – do well and hopefully, they’ll have me back. Most often the venue will only give a new act 5 minutes of stage time and asks each performer to bring at least one audience member with them – that’s where I need your help.

Below I have listed where and when I’ll be performing, most gigs require me to take along a “bringer” or audience member. I haven’t been to all of the venues before but consider them like a smaller, friendlier, stand-up comedy version of X-Factor where you get to see 10-20 mostly unknowns (and occasional well-knowns) make you laugh for free. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re able to come and see me then great! If you want to come with a whole bunch of friends and “woop” as a crowd throughout my set, great too – come on the 9th Jan and I might get to the next round of my first competition! But if you’re feeling extra supportive, then letting me know in advance that you’re coming means that I won’t need to worry about finding someone to come along as my “bringer”. Not worrying about that means I have more time to worry about the important things… like making you laugh and buying you a drink – so let me know if you’re going to be there!

So without further ado, here is where you’ll find me in January;

3rd JanThe Freedom Fridge @ The Rose & Crown, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2SG

9th Jan – The Max Turner Prize @ The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London, SW8 2HJ

14th JanJester Jesters @ The Betsy Trotwood, Farringdon, London, EC1R 3BL

17th JanRising Star Comedy Club @ The King & Queen, Foley Street, W1W 6DL

21st JanFunny Feckers @ The Dean Swift, London Bridge, SE1 2NE

27th JanRising Star Comedy Club @ The King & Queen, Foley Street, W1W 6DL


First EVER Performance


It’s been a big week!

As you know, Wednesday was the big debut for me and all of my friends also graduating from the Amused Moose Comedy course. We all arrived at the venue with an hour to spare, stood on stage to get a feel for the venue and huddled at the back while our mentor, compere and hero, Luke Toulson warmed up a sell out crowd.

One by one, the rising stars of tomorrow’s comedy circuit lit up the room and before long it was my time to shine.

Here is the link to my new YouTube channel where you can see the footage, free and unabridged; a small token of my appreciation for your messages of support. Enjoy, share, like, subscribe, comment etc – spam it all over the place, hire a massive screen and show the whole neighbourhood if you like – you’re my warriors of the web… let’s get DIGITAL.

I have been busy booking gigs for the new year so I’ll post those as soon as dates are finalised and hopefully you’ll be able to come along.

Thanks again – stay cool