Marking the anniversary with a new variant!


Today marks a big date in man and womankind’s diaries… it was 23rd March 2020 when the UK first went into lockdown and on 23rd March 2021 I released my first ever poetry anthology Pandemic Poetry: The Covid Collection. This year, 23rd March 2022 brings a national day of reflection where most of us will probably be experiencing a mix of emotions ranging from “did that really happen?” through “can’t we just forget about it?” to “how have I caught this goddam virus again?”

However you decide to spend the day, I feel it’s worth sparing a thought for it as no doubt it will have had some kind of impact on everyone. Whether you’re still experiencing symptoms, have PTSD or you’re just returning from your 14th holiday before they close the borders again, I encourage you to celebrate with a splash of sanitiser and a good book. Specifically, this book…

Pandemic Poetry: Anniversary Edition 2022

Pandemic Poetry: The Covid Collection was a jolly jab of wit.
Pandemic Poetry: Anniversary Edition 2022 is your essential booster jab.

Much like it’s predecessor, this little specimen is a mass-gathering of pandemic poetry to encapsulate and reflect on some of the bits the history books will probably leave out. The poems in this book take you on a journey back through some of the strangest times in living memory and as we reflect back on peculiar times you’ll want to reference these words when you’re trying to explain to the children of tomorrow why it was illegal to conga and play Pokemon Go in 2021.

Lovingly repackaged in fancy new PPE, Pandemic Poetry: Anniversary Edition 2022 includes all your favourites from the likes of “Oh How I Long To Be In A Conga“, “Tiers Of A Town“, “The Going Of Cummings” and more but also includes previously unpublished extras like “Football Fever” as featured on BBC Essex, “Advantage: No Vax Djokovic“, “The First Oh Hell” and more.

Change is inevitable. And so is the incredible amount of twists, turns and treachery in our never ending battle with Covid. New vaccines meet new variants and new regulations meet new excuses in this second edition of Pandemic Poetry. Much like the government briefings themselves, the re-issue of this book is no longer guided by the science but driven, mostly, by a need to stay relevant; featuring every witty ditty from the first edition plus a viral load of new variants too.

Click here to get your copy NOW and let’s hope this really is the last time we’ll be writing about Covid.

Pandemic Poetry: Anniversary Edition 2022 is out now.

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