How’s he doing?


Well, I’m pleased to say that things are getting pretty real over here at Stew HQ.

This month I’ve been exploring the underbelly of London’s open-mic comedy circuit, figuring out who’s who and how to land a spot on the bill at London’s best gigs.

I’ve managed to rack up nearly an hour of stage time with 8 gigs already – a massive thank you to those of you who managed to get yourself along to witness the fitness and enjoy some free live comedy!

I performed in my first competition and then entered two more but it’s not about winning, so you won’t be too upset that I didn’t progress to the next stage in my first two. However, rest assured that if I do land a spot in the “So You Think You’re Funny?” heats, that I’m still in the race for, I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops! Stay tuned.

I’ve added February’s dates to a new page on the website called “gig list” which I’ll be able to keep updated more regularly. Check often to make sure you don’t miss one that’s near you and don’t forget to reach out and let me know if you’re coming along – it’s a great help!

Oh yeah – and I’m going to be on the radio. Will update with more details VERY soon but dust off the wireless and prepare to tune-in!

Peace, love and understanding etc


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