First EVER Performance


It’s been a big week!

As you know, Wednesday was the big debut for me and all of my friends also graduating from the Amused Moose Comedy course. We all arrived at the venue with an hour to spare, stood on stage to get a feel for the venue and huddled at the back while our mentor, compere and hero, Luke Toulson warmed up a sell out crowd.

One by one, the rising stars of tomorrow’s comedy circuit lit up the room and before long it was my time to shine.

Here is the link to my new YouTube channel where you can see the footage, free and unabridged; a small token of my appreciation for your messages of support. Enjoy, share, like, subscribe, comment etc – spam it all over the place, hire a massive screen and show the whole neighbourhood if you like – you’re my warriors of the web… let’s get DIGITAL.

I have been busy booking gigs for the new year so I’ll post those as soon as dates are finalised and hopefully you’ll be able to come along.

Thanks again – stay cool


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